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Mu Alpha Theta awards 100 e = $271.83 to each of the top ten schools in each region, for a total of $10,873.20 in prize money. If there is a tie for 10th place, the award money will be split. The National Office also provides TI graphing calculators, math games, and other prizes as "door prizes" to randomly selected US participants that take all three tests. Students must be registered with Mu Alpha Theta as an associate or member in order to be eligible for any prizes or awards. Final award recipient information for the 2019-2020 contest should be available on the Log1 website (located in the sponsors' dashboards) around the beginning of April 2020.

Final awards will be sent out by mid-April. The top fifteen individuals in each division in each region (based upon the sum of their scaled scores on the three tests) will receive a plaque and the next fifteen will receive a certificate. The top fifteen schools in each region will receive plaques. School awards will be given in each region based upon their overall scores, which will be the sum of the school's two top student overall scaled scores in each division (a total of six students) and round. In the topic test rounds, the highest scoring student in each topic test and division will contribute to the school score. In the individual test round, the two highest scoring students on the test will contribute to the school score. All chapters that will be receiving a prize or award will be emailed (to the sponsor of record) when the packages are shipped.

International schools are only eligible for prize money if they are able to receive US checks, money orders, or wire transfers. Wire transfers incur a $40 fee. We cannot ship prizes and plaques to international schools. If an international chapter qualifies for an award for 1st through 30th place, we will email certificates to the sponsor of record. We sincerely apologize to our international members and sponsors for this inconvenience.

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