Log1 FAQ

What is Log1?
The National Log1 Contest is an annual test designed to give students a more relaxed test. Students will compete against others around the nation while staying in a familiar surrounding.

How hard are the tests?
Generally, the tests will have questions of varying difficulty. While some of the questions will be solvable by most of the students, the tests will also contain questions that can answered by only the most capable students. These are contests and there are questions that are meant to separate out the top students.

When is registration?
Registration will begin October 15, 2019, but you may register your school at any time during the contest. However, schools should be registered at least one week before any round in which they will participate.

How does one register?
To register, log in to your dashboard and click on the link "Log1" button located on the right-hand side of the row of buttons at the top. Agree to the terms and click on "Register".

How does one administer the test?
During each testing period, the sponsors will download copies of the tests in Adobe .pdf format. On any available day during the testing period, the sponsor may administer the test. After the tests are scored, the sponsor will go to the student information page and enter the scores. Complete details on how to give and score each test are given on the "Test Details" page and a calendar of events is available.

Where can one obtain sample questions?
Please check out the "Test Details" button.

How can I enter scores and student math levels?
Student score entry will be available starting on November 1, 2019. The sponsor will have to select the appropriate math level (division) for each student. During the testing period for each round, the students' raw scores are entered into the database. Scores may only be entered/modified during that time. As score submitting deadlines near, entry fields will be accessible. As deadlines pass, entry fields will be locked.

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