MAT T-Shirt Contest

2020 Mu Alpha Theta T-Shirt Contest

Theme: "One of a Kind"

Contest Rules:

  1. T-shirt contest entries will be accepted from May 27, 2020, through October 14, 2020, at 5:00 PM CT.
  2. Chapter sponsors must email their entry to Completed entries will include the design and the executed “DESIGN CONTEST SUBMISSION TERMS AND WAIVER” as attachments. We will only accept submissions emailed by chapter sponsors. Email file size must be less than 5MB. The subject line of the email must be “T-shirt Design Contest Submission”.
  3. The design theme for the 2020 T-shirt contest is: “One of a Kind”.
  4. We will only accept *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png, *.tiff, *.PDF, *.SVG, or *.EPS design formats.
  5. Design image resolution must be at least 150ppi.
  6. The maximum dimensional size of the design must be 10”x12”. Any design exceeding these bounds will be scaled to fit.
  7. The design will be on the back of the T-shirt. These shirts will be available for purchase to all MAT members and the general public as a special, limited-edition T-shirt, available only between Fall 2020 and Summer 2021.
  8. Please refer to the “DESIGN CONTEST SUBMISSION TERMS AND WAIVER” for further design parameters.

Mu Alpha Theta Design Selection Process

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