Facebook and Social Media Guidelines

Guidelines for Mu Alpha Theta Chapters and Social Networking Sites

A number of chapters have established groups, pages, or other accounts on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. The national office accepts the fact that these pages exist and even encourages other chapters to follow suit. Chapters that have such accounts are using them to distribute information, have open discussions of mathematical topics, and even promote Mu Alpha Theta on the internet.

Many pages that exist use the Mu Alpha Theta name and logo, but are not necessarily established by one of our chapters. Therefore, the governing council would like to suggest the following guidelines for use of social networking sites. These guidelines are designed to help avoid confusion about the origin of Mu Alpha Theta related pages on networking sites and to protect the integrity of the name and copyrighted logo of Mu Alpha Theta.

  1. Only an active chapter of Mu Alpha Theta may establish a page or account with a social networking site and use the name “Mu Alpha Theta” or our logo.  If your chapter has gone inactive, it is the sponsors’ responsibility to remove the Mu Alpha Theta name from all social media accounts connected to that chapter.
  2. A chapter’s social media account should include the schools’ name at the beginning of the title, for example “John Smith High School Mu Alpha Theta.”Note: If you currently have a page, we ask that you change the title of your page to include the school’s name as described above.
  3. Because students graduate and personnel changes, the chapter sponsor or another adult MUST be an administrator.  If a sponsor change occurs in a chapter, the new sponsor must be added as an administrator when the old sponsor is removed or the page needs to be deleted.  This will ensure that a chapter sponsor can review all posted content.
  4. All tweets, Instagram photos, and Facebook posts that suggest, mention, or tag the Mu Alpha Theta organization should be in good taste. Please refrain from tagging, posting, or mentioning Mu Alpha Theta in any social media post that would, or could be deemed inappropriate. The use or engagement of ethnic slurs, personal insults or obscenity within a post in conjunction with Mu Alpha Theta will be flagged by the national office.
  5. Any disputes of an unfair occurrence or wrongdoing should be directed to the page administrator or emailed to the national office directly. We will investigate the incident and act accordingly.
  6. Most importantly, remember that online content is not private!

The national office will contact page administrators wherein the origin of the page is unclear to help enhance the presence of Mu Alpha Theta on the internet.  If there is a page, group or account that does not appear to be affiliated with our organization, please contact us with the link to the suspicious page.

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