Mathematical Minutes Video Contest

The Mathematical Minutes Video Contest asks members to create educational and entertaining videos. Chapter members select a math topic and create a fun, informative, two- to five-minute video.

The contest is run by Doral Academy Charter High School under the direction of Sam Koski. This year, submissions will begin to be accepted on Feb. 1, 2019 and are due on Feb. 28, 2019, by midnight EST. Submissions must include the submission form found below. The chapter's sponsor must view the final video before submission and sign the submission form. That and the link to your uploaded video should be emailed to the national office at before the deadline.

Schools may submit no more than three videos. Only the top submission per school is eligible for prize awards. Award money may either go to the chapter or to the students. All submissions must be signed off by the chapter sponsor to ensure they have seen the video and approved the content. Only videos submitted with G-rated material will be accepted.

Eight videos will be chosen by March 31, 2019, for the final round of judging. Chapters will vote to rank the top eight videos. The prize money to be awarded will be split amongst the final entries. Final award amounts will be determined by the votes cast for winners, along with input from the Mu Alpha Theta's governing council.

Videos may be submitted with high school content through calculus.  Students no higher than geometry or algebra 2 are in the THETA category, students in precalculus are in the ALPHA category, and calculus students are in the MU category. Based on the course content from these levels and the material covered in your video, you will designate at which level your video will should be judged.

Sponsors may find the ID number for their members by logging into their chapter online and clicking the "View Members" link on the left.

Please download both of these documents for more information and email any questions to Sam Koski.

Sample videos can be viewed here.

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