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The Log1 Contest provides an excellent opportunity for a school to participate in a competition similar to our national convention contests and compete against schools from across the country and the world, while staying right at their home school. Students compete only against other students with similar math course background.  

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The Log1 contest is free, but participation is restricted to schools with active Mu Alpha Theta chapters. Sponsors must register their chapters to participate (see image above).  All students at the school may participate in the contest, but only members and associates of Mu Alpha Theta are eligible for prizes or for scores to be counted toward the top awards. Sponsors must register their eligible members and associates before the end of Round 3 if the students want to be considered for awards and prizes.

The contest consists of three testing rounds. All tests include 15 open-answer questions to be completed in 30 minutes without the use of a calculator. Materials are only available for download electronically, in pdf format, to sponsors of registered chapters. Photocopying is required.

The first round will include two topic tests. Students may take either the "Applications" or the "Equations and Inequalities" Test.  They may not take both tests. Once one test is taken and scores are uploaded by the sponsor, students may try the other test for fun.

The second round will also include two topic tests. Students may take either the "Logs and Exponents" or the "Circles/Parabolas/Polygons" Test. 

The third round will be an Individual Test of general mathematics on level appropriate topics. 

Students new to this competition should find enough easy problems, so they will not be discouraged, but enough hard problems so that experienced competitors are challenged and can be distinguished from one another by score for the purposes of awards.

Please click on the "Log1 Test Descriptions" button above for more details. Contact for any additional questions. Mu Alpha Theta members, under the direction of their sponsor, from Rockwall High School in Rockwall, Texas, are writing the Log1 tests this year.

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