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"Many kind regards and thanks for all you do with the Rocket City Math League. We have had a blast this year...the enthusiasm among our students and math club members is growing." —Mu Alpha Theta Sponsor

The Rocket City Math League is a free, international, math contest that is open to all middle, high school, and two-year college students enrolled in pre-algebra through precalculus and above math courses.

This competition is completely FREE due to a generous grant from Mu Alpha Theta.

General information about the Rocket City Math League:

  • In the Spring, there are three 30-minute tests for each level, each consisting of 10 questions.
  • The Interschool Test consists of teams of students working on a 15-question test using a single answer sheet. Teams will compete at one of 2 levels. Any team with any member in 10th grade or above competes in Senior Division. Everyone else competes in Junior Division. No school can compete in both divisions.

For the Spring Individual Competitions: To compete in the Discovery Level, students must be currently enrolled in that level's mathematics requirement or higher. For all other levels, students must be currently enrolled in or have completed the mathematics course at that level and cannot be enrolled in or have completed a higher-level mathematics course. In order to be eligible for awards, students may compete in only one level:

  • Explorer Level- pre-algebra students (or any student who has not yet entered algebra I. Test content, however, will be at an advanced pre-algebra level)
  • Mercury Level- algebra I students
  • Gemini Level- geometry students
  • Apollo Level- algebra II students
  • Discovery Level- All students who are currently enrolled in precalculus or who have completed precalculus, including all calculus students

Two-year college students wishing to compete in the Rocket City Math League would compete in the following levels:

  • Explorer Level- pre-algebra students (or any student who has not yet entered beginning algebra)
  • Mercury Level- beginning algebra students
  • Gemini Level- geometry students
  • Apollo Level- intermediate algebra students
  • Discovery Level- college algebra/trig students, students in calculus and above

Two-year college students may compete in the level they fall in during the fall semester for the whole year but may also start in the higher level if they feel confident in their abilities. Once a student has started a level, they must stay at that level for the whole contest. If there are not enough two-year teams in the Interschool Test, two-year teams will be in Division A.

Testing dates for the 2023-2024 competition:

  • Interschool Test: Nov. 1-15, 2023, results due by Nov. 17
  • Round One: Jan. 9-18, 2024, results due by Jan. 23
  • Round Two: Feb. 6-15, 2024, results due by Feb. 20
  • Round Three: Mar. 6-22, 2024, results due by Mar. 27

Tests are allowed to be administered on any one day during the testing period, as determined by the sponsor.

Team scores are calculated by adding the top five scores of all students in the same division and enrolled in the same school.

All materials related to the Rocket City Math League, including test, solutions, and RCML guidelines, are emailed to each school or made available online.

How can I register for the RCML contest?

The RCML’s website and information on how to registration can be found here. All teams or individuals who participate in the Rocket City Math League will need a sponsor, such as a math team coach or a math teacher, who will register for the contest, proctor the tests, and input the scores online.

Copies of last year's tests and sample tests can also be found on the RCML's past tests website.


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